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Toys 'R' Us Canada Is Opening An Adult Zone Full Of Your Favourite Childhood Products

All your favourite childhood toys are making a comeback!
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Toys 'R' Us Canada Is Opening An Adult Zone Full Of Your Favourite Childhood Products

Despite the failure of its American cousin, Toys R' Us Canada is still around and looking to overhaul its brand.

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According to the Financial Post, the Canadian company's CEO Melanie Teed-Murch wants to rebuild the famous retailer by redesigning its stores and appealling to new audiences.

Millennials are among those new targets. Now of child-rearing age, millennials are a particularly consumer and trend savvy population unique in its approach to parenting.

Toys R' Us Canada wants to take advantage of that new market with a slew of new features.

But perhaps the most exciting is the introduction of a department full of nostalgic toys. Some items will even be "collectible" with values in the hundreds of dollars!

The exact contents of those departments have not yet been confimed, but imagine roaming aisles lined with Furbies, Sky Dancers, Easy-Bake Ovens (are those still legal?), and Polly Pockets! Not to mention Tamagotchis!

Other possible options for Toys R' Us redevelopment include eateries and beverage stations. I'm just waiting for the day when they introduce in-store bars. 

Since the Canadian wing of the famous toy store is the last sector standing, we can also expect the company to cater more to a specifically Canadian audience. Maybe they'll add a maple leaf to their logo. That'd be cute!

Stay tuned for updates!


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