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Train Tickets Will Be Super Cheap In Montreal Next Month

It only took 11 years.
Train Tickets Will Be Super Cheap In Montreal Next Month

Montreal is all too familiar with workers' strikes in the city. During these strikes the public typically has limited access to certain goods, which can cause some pretty serious problems if the strike happens to be large enough.

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We've had our fair share of transit strikes in the city, leaving commuters in the dark on line closures and service cancellations. Luckily these blackouts haven't been too bad recently, but that wasn't the case in 2007 when a workers' strike for the STM, AMT and Montreal's regional transportation authority left thousands of Montrealers with painfully bad (and even non-existent) service for four straight days!

Over the years since the excruciating strike, a class action lawsuit had been in the works to get justice for those that greatly suffered from the transit blackout. The strike forced trains to stop running during rush hour and at night, so you can only imagine what it would have been like for commuters trying to get to work on time or go home.

Thankfully, a settlement was just reached and it looks pretty great for us. Beginning next month all Exo train users have the opportunity to enjoy reduced fares!

For OPUS+ users, the fare discount will automatically be applied September 10-11. The exact fare deals on TRAM tickets will consist of:

  • Regular monthly tickets reduced to $2.25
  • Student monthly tickets reduced to $1.60
  • Reduced rate tickets will drop to $1.30

Finally, those in the city that experience the disaster first-hand will now be seeing some justice! Lets just cross our fingers that we don't ever experience a strike that long again.


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