Transat Is Having A Massive "All-Inclusive Vacations" Sale In Canada Right Now

5-star resorts in Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, and more!
Transat Is Having A Massive "All-Inclusive Vacations" Sale In Canada Right Now

As soon as the summer ends and the school year begins, the travel industry experiences a deep pre-holiday lull.

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TL;DR Transat is offering amazing deals on "all-inclusive" packages to Carribean and southern destinations leaving from most major Canadian cities.

For budget-conscious travellers though, this is known as vacation season!

Because demand is not very high, October through to early December is prime-time to access the lowest prices on flights and vacation packages. 

Transat is one of the most popular companies in Canada offering great deals on "all-inclusive" vacations. 

This is because Transat offers vacation deals with flights leaving from all major Canadian cities including Montreal, Quebec, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and more!

Currently, Transat is offering a wide selection of "South Deals" on Carribean and southern destinations such as Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, Haiti, and more.

And just because the price is low, it doesn't mean you can expect the quality of the hotel to be equally cheap. Most of these packages are actually for 4 and 5-star resorts and hotels. This is the real deal!

For example, the Grand Bahai Principe in Jamaica or Royal Decameron Indigo Beach in Cuba, both world-renowned resorts, are just two of the hotels included in the deal!

Via BahiaPrincipe

If you're shopping for a great deal on a quick and easy relaxing beach vacation, you need to check out the amazing deals on Transat this fall.

Shop the "all-inclusive" deals on Transat HERE!