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Transportation Minister Warning: Extremely Dangerous Driving Conditions In Quebec Today

Major road closures and canceled flights are already happening.
Transportation Minister Warning: Extremely Dangerous Driving Conditions In Quebec Today

In case you had any hopes that the last weekend of 2018 would offer some more favourable weather, you're out of luck. It seriously looks like Christmas miracles are officially over, as we're in for severe conditions starting today.

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TL;DR Flight cancellations, bus delays and highway closures have already been announced due to dangerous ice and snow conditions across Quebec. Below are details on closed roads and more warnings.

It's expected to get so bad that the Ministry of Transportation (MTQ) is warning of dangerous highway conditions beginning today due to freezing rain and ice.

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According to the MTQ, road conditions early this morning were already extremely difficult, which was proven by an accident involving a flipped truck carrying dangerous materials on Highway 117.

To prevent any more accidents during the storm Route 117 in Lac-des-Écorces, at Quatre-Fourches in the Laurentians, has been completely closed in both directions indefinitely. 

Towards the Ottawa side the storm has led to reduced visibility with Highway 148 consumed by ice and Highway 50 completely snow-covered. Other highways with low visibility include Highway 169, 170 and 172 in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean area.

Between Montreal and Quebec City even more caution is advised, as Highways 20 and 40 are covered in snow. Although the MTQ is working to remove snow and salt the roads, icy and dangerous conditions are still expected for at least the rest of the day.

[Weather conditions] ⚠🚌 Following the freezing rain, road conditions remain difficult and delays are to be expected on the bus network. Plan more time for your trips, and be careful when traveling!

December 28, 2018

Not only is the MTQ warning about the conditions, but so is the STM. As roads remain difficult, bus delays are expected. The STM advises planning more time your trips today but in reality your best bet is staying indoors or off of dangerous roads.

Earlier this morning flights departing the Montreal-Trudeau Airport were delayed, although most were able to take-off on time. A number of flights meant to land in Montreal have been delayed and cancelled, so if you were planning on travelling by air this weekend you might want to take a look at the airport's website.

Let's just hope these treacherous conditions end before the new year begins.

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