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Transportation Safety Board Reveals Horrifying Details About A Woman Who Was Sucked Out Of An Airplane Window

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released the details about an aviation accident that happened back in April, and the story is absolutely horrifying!

It was like something out of a horror movie.

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A Southwest Airlines plane was travelling from the LaGuardia airport to Philadelphia carrying 144 passengers.

Suddenly one of the motors of the plane exploded and a piece of it was detached and ended up shattering one of the windows. 

Oxygen masks were released, alarms were blaring from the cockpit, and equipment problems made nearly all communications impossible. 

Once the plane was stabilized, the pilots began the landing process thinking that part of the plane was on fire.

Instead they were informed that one of the passengers was badly injured.   

A flight attendant discovered the horrifying scene in the 14th row of the plane. 

One of the passengers had gotten literally sucked out of the plane window. 

The passenger named Jennifer Riordan was sitting next to the window that broke, and when it did her head and torso were literally sucked outside the plane.

The flight attendant tried to pull her back inside, but it took 2 other male passenger to finally bring get Jennifer Riordan back into the plane.

A nurse sitting nearby tried to reanimate the woman when the plane landed but sadly Jennifer Riordan died of blunt force trauma.


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