Travel Tuesday: Foreign Fashion Edition

Aside from the exquisite sense of fashion that lies right here in Montreal, here are some diverse fashion trends that have been popping up internationally- (beware, we're not in Montreal anymore!)

(1) China- Hairy Leggings

While most of you ladies can't wait to flaunt those sexy legs this summer, China's newest fashion trend suggests otherwise!

(2) The Netherlands- Extraocular Impants

Both girls and guys in Germany are loving this eye candy!

(3) Japan- Animal Hair Hats

It's art, dammit!

(4) Mexico- Pointy Boots

Mexican swag definitely includes steezy vaquero footwear!

(5) Scandinavia- Mustang Skinline Jeans

The next level of skinny jeans for dudes in Northern Europe- they're also high wasted (ouch!)

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