• Sometimes we can't always find round-trip flights from Montreal to whatever destination we want to go to, so it's a good thing we have Les Vols d'Alexi here to help us out.
  • Luckily for us, the Plattsburg International Airport is only a little over an hour's drive away and flights from there to Orlando are currently $124.
  • Get all the details below!

The winter blues have officially taken over and I know many of us are craving a little vitamin D right about now. Vacations are both necessary and amazing the only problem with travelling is the high cost of plane tickets. According to Les Vols d'Alexi, direct flights to Orlando are only $124 for the month of March.

If winter is starting to get the best of you, but your budget doesn't allow for a tropical escape, this deal may be exactly what the cards drew for you.

There is only one minor flaw to this amazing deal and that is that the flight is leaving from Plattsburg and not Montreal, which really isn't that big of a deal. Plattsburg is only about one hour and 20 minutes away from Montreal and parking at the airport is just $5 a day, making the commute totally worth it.

The deal is for flights leaving in March, which means you are going to want to both book your ticket fast and start packing your bags because this ticket to Florida has your name on it.

Orlando is home to many awesome sites but it is best known for all the epic amusement parks including Disney World.

This spring break, instead of sulking at your desk, why not book a last-minute plane ticket to the happiest place on earth?

Once there, you can enjoy the rides, meet some Disney princesses, and pig out on some of the epic treats — all while basking in the sun, of course.

For those of you who have never been to Disney World in Orlando, this is a great opportunity to scratch it off your bucket list.

And, if magical places like Disney aren't for you, there are a slew of restaurants, shopping malls and live shows to experience. Not to mention the beach chilling and water sports that you can take part in.

I am almost certain that this deal is going to sell out fast, which is why I suggest you book now and think later!

$124 Flight From Plattsburgh - Orlando

When: March 2020

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