With a country as big as Canada, the train very often is totally the way to go, whether you're just trying to get from Toronto to Montreal or trying to see Canada's Plains and Rockies. 

As a child, my parents took me on a huge train trip from Toronto to British Columbia and it is, to this day, one of the most unforgettable trips I've ever been on.

Putting aside the fact that I was completely swarmed by leaches while swimming at the Sioux Lookout Town Beach, the trip by train was magical.

I can't read in a car, I get instantly carsick, but on a train, for whatever reason, I'm totally fine. That's one of the many perks of taking the train over an airplane or a car. 

You get to relax, enjoy yourself and see the country at eye-level, the way you would on a road trip, but without any of the responsibility of driving. Thanks, conductor!

That's why the Orford Express is high on my personal list of things to do this Fall when the leaves start to change. This train ride will let you take in the beauty of the changing foliage while you sip a mimosa or enjoy a fresh Bloody Caesar.

Can you say best of both worlds?

The Orford Express travels through the Eastern Townships of Quebec, one of the quaintest and most visually stunning regions in Quebec.

The train has three dining cars that seat over 200 passengers, and they also offer outing packages that let you head out for lunch to explore the local fare of the areas.

While on board you will travel through Magog, Eastman and Sherbrooke.

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There are express trains as well as the lunch-outing trains mentioned above. They also host Christmas trains for families during the festive season.  

To see a full breakdown of the different trips and rates, head to their webpage, I've linked it below.

Certain trips in October have already started to sell out, so if you're tempted to take a little train trip this Fall to take in the beautiful nature that exists outside our little city, I highly suggest booking your space now.

The Orford Express even offers Train/Cruise packages, where you can depart from Sherbrooke by train, head to Magog and hop on a ship which will take you back to Sherbrooke for the evening.

Clearly, they know how to show off our province's beautiful Eastern Townships.

The Orford Express

What: Beautiful train rides through Quebec's Fall foliage

Where: Quebec's Eastern Townships

When: Dates and departures vary, details at the link below.

Cost: Lowest ticket prices are around $50 for adults, full fare schedule linked below.

Check them out at their website here.

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