Truck Containing Raw Animal Flesh And Organs Spills All Over Montreal Street (Photos)

Officials did a bad job cleaning up.
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Truck Containing Raw Animal Flesh And Organs Spills All Over Montreal Street (Photos)

Earlier this month, the United Nations released a dire report on the progress of climate change on Earth.

Unless the states of the world can agree on immediate, radical climate action, the report states, there is little hope for humanity.

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TL;DR A truck containing raw animal flesh and organs spilled all over a street in the Montreal neighbourhood of Rivière-des-Prairies. Scroll down for photos.

While corporations are responsible for most pollution, individuals, too, wondered how they could contribute to the effort to avert disaster.

The single best way for people to reduce their carbon footprint is to cut their consumption of meat.

Cattle factories and farms are major producers of carbon. Infrastructure for meat production also contributes to deforestation.

Calls for individuals to reduce their meat consumption, however, have been met with opposition from meat-lovers everywhere.

A recent event in Montreal, however, might just turn a few thousand people toward vegetarianism.

Last night, a truck carrying animal flesh and organs spilled all over a Montreal street.

Residents of Rivière-des-Prairies were quick to post photos of the horrifying incident to Facebook. A neighbourhood group then collected the photos into a single post.

Brace yourselves. These photos may be unsettling.

As you can see, raw meat and organs covered the street.

A bulldozer later arrived to assist with clean-up. But today, residents of RDP are calling out cleaning crews for an inadequate job.

These photos of the remaining mess are from this morning:

What exactly happened to cause the truck to spill is still unclear. As you can see, animal flesh got caught in nearby trees. Whatever occured must have been explosive.

Hopefully city cleaning crews and the company responsbile will dispatch additional personnel to complete their work.

Stay tuned for updates.

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