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Trudeau Is Officially Less Popular Than Harper Was Before He Lost The Election

With the 2019 election coming up, this is not good news for the PM.
Trudeau Is Officially Less Popular Than Harper Was Before He Lost The Election

A survey done randomly across Canada is showing that Canadians currently feel worse about Trudeau than they did about Harper... right before we voted Harper out.

Whereas Harper had a 37% approval rating before losing the election, Trudeau now sits at a 35% approval rating. Ouch.

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TL;DR Trudeau currently has a worse approval rating than Harper did before Canada voted him out of office. Only 35% of Canadians are satisfied with the performance of the federal government.

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This approval rating means that only 35% of people who were asked considered the federal government's current performance "very good" or "somewhat good."

The surveywas a joint effort by Nanos Research and the Institute for Research on Public Policy, who spoke with 1,000 Canadians between 30 November and 5 December via telephone and online.

While this might seem like a small sample, it is considered accurate within 3%, nineteen times out of twenty, so we can imagine that even within that margin, Trudeau is still squarely sitting in Harper territory.

Nanos' "Mood of Canada"survey is done at the end of every year. It asks Canadians how they feel about the "performance of the federal government, the direction of the country, federal regulations, and Canada's global reputation."

Questions within the survey included:

"Would you describe the performance of the current federal Liberal Government led by Justin Trudeau as very good, somewhat good, average, somewhat poor, or very poor?"

"Would you say that Canada as a country is moving in the right direction or the wrong direction?"

In an interview withThe Globe and Mail, Mr. Nanos admitted that people in Canada can be particularly critical of their politicians and political developments.

Greg MacEachern, who is a Liberal strategist, insists it is hard to compare Harper's government to Trudeau's, as each has faced very different hardships.

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Harper was running a majority government, whereas Trudeau pulled his party ahead from third place and the projections of an underdog victory created an environment of high expectations.

Canadians are likely feeling that Trudeau hasn't lived up to all the campaign promises that got him where he is. When asked if Canada was moving in the right direction, only 47% of Canadians said "yes." 

That is compared to 63% of Canadians who felt Canada was moving in the right direction in 2015 when Trudeau was first voted into office.

The 2019 Canadian federal election is quickly approaching and these numbers are sure to fluctuate. But this is not good news for the PM as we head into the new year.

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