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Trudeau Is Unfortunately The World's Last Hope

He's the last leader standing.
Senior Editor
Trudeau Is Unfortunately The World's Last Hope

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is a controversial figure.

Despite his soaring rhetoric, Trudeau's commitment to progressive politics is sometimes questionable.

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TL;DR As leaders of major economies and democracies continue to flounder and adopt concerning policies, Trudeau has, despite vocal disdain for his character, remained remarkably consistent. This stability contrasts sharply with the volatile atmosphere that has come to dominate political discourse around the world.

The launch of the truth and reconciliation committee and the legalization of recreational marijuana, for example, are among his most notable accomplishments. But both processes have been marred with controversy.

Other promises, like electoral reform, have been apparently abandoned.

Trudeau is also criticized for caring more about appearances and stunts than impactful policy. 

But while many have questioned his leadership ability, Trudeau represents perhaps the world's last hope for stability and, among the largest economies on the globe, the preservation of democratic values.

Consider, for instance, the standing of his international peers. American president Donald Trump is almost universally despised and continuously undermines the norms of political decency.

The government of UK prime minister Theresa May is falling apart around her as the deadline for a Brexit deal looms. The state of the UK is perhaps best summed up by this Guardian title today: "Theresa May personifies the UK: lonely, exhausted, her power ebbing away."

Angela Merkel, the stalwart chancellor of Germany, has announced that she does not intend to seek another term in office. Meanwhile, the far-right Alternative für Deutschland party continues to gain popularity.

French president Emmanuel Macron is under siege as extremist factions rise in his country. In India, PM Narendra Modi is pushing a nationalist agenda with devastating consequences for his opponents. In Brazil, far-right president-elect Jair Bolsonaro poses a fundamental threat to his country's democratic institutions.

But as massive changes rip through the international community, Canadian politics have remained remarkably, and thankfully, predictable.

One year ahead of the federal elections, the Liberal party, of which Trudeau is the head, is poised to not only maintain their comfortable majority, but grow it.

Latest polling suggests the Liberals will pick up a net of four seats in the House. The reason for this almost unbelievable projection is not, perhaps, that the Liberals have performed particularly well, but that there are no viable alternatives. 

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The federal NDP and Conservatives continue to flounder and have yet to land on a resounding message to carry them through the upcoming campaign period. 

As it stands, despite vocal disdain for his character, Trudeau represents the last foothold of healthy democracy. The reelection of his party to a majority government next year will only bolster that reputation.

Trudeau is the last leader standing.

    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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