Trudeau Promised To Resign If He Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Will he keep just one promise?
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Trudeau Promised To Resign If He Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Donald Trump isn't the only world leader dodging allegations of sexual assault.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is facing intense criticism after a report surfaced last month that claims he inappropriately touched a female reporter eighteen years ago.

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The allegations have put the self-described feminist is an impossible situation, especially given his promise to resign if any such claims came out against him.

In an interview with the CBC in January of this year, Trudeau touted his lifelong experience with sexual assault and disclosure policy. He also asserted that women who come forward with claims should be believed and supported.

Men should be held responsible for their past actions, the prime minister said, citing a universal moral "standard." Though now questions remain as to whether he, too, must adhere to that standard. In response to the claims against him, he simply stated that he doesn't "remember" any such interaction.

The allegations against Trudeau come as the #MeeToo and #TimesUp movements spill across the border into Canada. Several officials in the government have already resigned following claims of assault and misconduct.

Trudeau accepted those resignations. But he seems intent to wait out the media attention surrounding the claims against him. Only time will tell if the prime minister falls to the mounting force of justice that has defined out current cultural moment.

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