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Trudeau's Embarrassing Trip To India Is Going To Cost Canada A Lot Of Money

Don't take our hummus from us!
Trudeau's Embarrassing Trip To India Is Going To Cost Canada A Lot Of Money

Trudeau's trip to India definitely led to a bit of embarassment. Yes, his intentions may have been pure but the dress-up caused a lot of negative attention for Canada.

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Things are starting to get a little bit out of hand. We might actually start to have some troubles with our relationship with India.

Chickpea tarrifs rose from 44% to 60% overnight and a bunch of opposing MPs say that it's completely because of the controversy with Jaspal Atwal.

Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen is pretty convinced that tarrifs are raising because of the way that Trudeau acted.

She said that : “The Indian government said yesterday that the chickpea tariff increase was due to circumstances that make it necessary to take immediate action. Well, we all know what circumstances they are referring to”.

Bergen called the tariff “a clear signal that India is understandably upset, and Canadian chickpea producers are the first to pay the price”

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Plus, they kind of neglected to give us a little warning time. India doesn't provide advanced notices as to when they are raising tariffs.

So basically cargo ships are leaving Canada and showing up in India only to find out that while they were going, a new tariff was introduced.

Okay so obviously we're not trying to say that India is really that petty, but Trudeau should probably be careful with how he acts around their officials. I don't think we can afford to rock the boat anymore.


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