Trump Has Debuted A New Hairdo And Social Media Users Hope He Never Goes Back (Photos)

Was it hat hair or the beginning of a new era?
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Trump Has Debuted A New Hairdo And Social Media Users Hope He Never Goes Back (Photos)

During a visit to a Virginia church yesterday, American president Donald Trump stunned attendees, reporters, and social media users by debuting a new hairdo that was a striking departure from his usual combover.

The new, slicked-back look seemed more natural than the president's usual, intricately combed locks of hair that are strategically placed, it seems, to cover his male pattern baldness.

People were quick to offer their opinions on Twitter. Many have noted that the president looks better. Others are confused. Most, however, seem to agree that the president should never go back.

You can view the new hairdo in the Tweets below. While some Twitter users posit that the new look is just the result of hat hair, many others welcome the accidental change of appearance.

There are many comparisons to be made:

Are we surprised? Men, wear your pattern baldness proudly!

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Shall we call this new look more everyday American?

We're all waiting for an interview with Trump's stylist.

Of course, politicians should be judged by their actions and opinions, not by their looks. Trump's appearance has nonetheless become an iconic symbol of his presidency. Supporters and critics, alike, have made use of the president's hair in promotional and satirical material

Trump's new look was not permanent, it seems. Arriving in the UK today, where he appears to have given the 93-year-old Queen a power death grip handshake, Trump sported his usual, iconic style.

Maybe the president was just testing the waters before a final transformation? Only time will tell.

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