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Trump Is Now Calling Out The Canadian Press

One Canadian newspaper has seriously angered him.
Trump Is Now Calling Out The Canadian Press

Donald Trump is no stranger to being in the public eye – whether it's good or bad, any press is good press, right...? 

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Trump is known for his "off the record" retorts that somehow reach the ears of White House reporters. In his leaky white house, how many offensive Trump comments have come to us through (thankfully) disloyal underlings?

Well today the pattern continues.

Trump told Bloomberg News reporters "off the record" that he was not at all willing to comprome with Canada on a new trade deal. The Toronto-based newspaper, The Star, however, did not commit to this "off the record" agreement and published the "bomshell" report that brought trade negotiations to a halt.

The Star explained that "it is not bound by any promises Bloomberg made to Trump."

Trump then took to Twitter and told off Bloomberg and The Star. He admitted to his refusal to compromise, exclaiming that "at least Canada knows where I stand!" but also used the opportunity to engage in his favourite activity: attacking the press.

He claimed that his promise of confidentiality was "BLATANTLY VIOLATED." "Just more dishonest reporting," he wrote.

Via Twitter- Donald Trump

The president does not mention The Star by name (probably for fear of diplomatic consequences), but the publication is certainly the target of this latest Twitter panic.

The deadline to negotiate a new trade deal is today. So far, it seems American and Canadian officials will be unable to agree to new terms. That could have huge political and economic consequences for Canada.

Stay tuned.


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