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Trump Refuses To Help Canada With Its Dispute With Saudi Arabia

The reasons are pretty upsetting.
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Trump Refuses To Help Canada With Its Dispute With Saudi Arabia

The alarming situation between Canada and Saudi Arabia has developed quickly.

First, Global Affairs Canada criticized human rights abuses in the restrictive absolute monarchy. In response, Saudi Arabia ceased all diplomatic and trade relations.

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That reaction alone was considered extreme by world leaders. But the Saudi government shocked everyone by going much, much further.

Saudi state media then tweeted a photo depicting what appeared to be a 9/11-style attack in Toronto. That Twitter account quickly removed the photo and, fortunately, later apologized. So it's nice to know they have some limits.

Saudi Arabia is now recalling all of its students in Canada. The Saudis even voiced veiled support for the separatist movement in Quebec.

The Trudeau government is now looking to the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates to mediate a solution, according to Reuters.

But the United States is notably silent.

As its closes ally faces potentially devastating economic sanctions and a brutal barrage of criticism from Saudi Arabia, the U.S. has watched from the distance.

The American State Department issued a statement urging the two countries to deal with the dispute on their own.

This decision by the Trump administration to not support Canada is the latest sign of the deteriorating relationship between the two countries.

While the U.S. may have some strategic reason to remain uninvolved (namely, that it sells the weapons that the oil-rich country uses to commit human rights abuses), Canadians can't help but feel slighted, especially since Canada has supported the U.S. consistently in its (disastrous) international endeavours.

On the other hand, the U.S. may not be intervening because of the obvious hypocrisy: the Trump administration also commits human rights abuses.

One can't help but imagine Trump watching gleefully as Canada is berated by other foreign powers.

Hopefully with the help of the UK and UAE the situation will de-escalate.


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