Trump Silent On Twitter About New York Explosion

US President has yet to comment.
Trump Silent On Twitter About New York Explosion

Known for making immediate public statements on Twitter, following suspected acts of terrorism, US President Donald Trump has yet to tweet about the explosion that took place near the Port Authority Bus Terminal earlier today.

Not even the fact that the suspect, Akayed Ullah, has a Muslim name has motivated the president to stir up his more xenophobic fans through proclamations on the Twitterverse.

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The selectively outspoken President has been known to tweet immediately, following acts of terror by Muslims.

When a Muslim man killed eight pedestrians, by plowing into them on a New York City bike path earlier this year, Trump immediately called for the death penalty.

However, he has been slow in responding to hate crimes against ethnic minorities and victims of white supremacists.

Most notably, he took his time to condemn racism after the death of a protester against a White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville earlier this year.

Similarly, it took him forever to condemn the murder of two Indians in Kansas. When he did get round to it, a week after the incident, it was barely a passing mention.

In this context, his lack of immediate response on Twitter to an attempted bombing by a Muslim man is out of character. It might yet happen.

At the moment, his latest tweet is an attack on the New York Times for insinuating that he watches 4-8 hours of television daily.

Even New York mayor, Bill de Blasio, declared the incident "an attempted terrorist attack".

In more recent developments on the story, three people apart from the attacker are reported to have been injured.