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Trump's Tariffs Are Directly Impacting The Cost Of Goods For Canadians

This is only the beginning.
Trump's Tariffs Are Directly Impacting The Cost Of Goods For Canadians

It's official: Trump's tariffs are about to make one of the most beloved and ubiquitous beverages more expensive.

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Coca-Cola is now increasing the price of their product as a result of a steep spike in aluminum tariffs.  The increase in tariffs renders cans more expensive to produce in the United States, as a result, the final price of Coke cans will have to reflect that.

According to a source, the CEO of Coca-Cola even spoke out about his contempt for this sudden change. However, he does also assert that it's necessary.

In the end, it's up to the retailer to determine whether or not to increases the price for their final consumer.

The fact remains: Seeing an increase in one of the most ubiquitous consumer beverages is jarring; we can actually see the direct impact of Trump's tariffs on store shelves.

With that said, we recently wrote about other common household items and consumer products that Canadians can expect to see a price increase due to tariffs, including coffee, mayo, toilet paper, pet food, bedding, appliances, and boats.

Tension rising

At the moment, the overall tension between Canada and U.S is rapidly rising in regards to the subject trade and tariffs.

Just today, in the wake of Trudeau's retaliatory tariffs,  the Trump Administration boldly called Canada "a national security threat."  And some economists have even gone so far as to state that that Trump's tariffs will trigger an economic recession in our country.

We only hope that this will not be the fate of Canada and its economy, but only time will tell and we will, of course, be following the story closely.


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