Trump's Daily Diet Will Make You Wonder How He's Still Alive

Lately, US President Donald Trump has been in the news for his diet, among other things.

Reporters have emphasized his love of junk food and his consumption of 12 Diet Cokes a day.

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However, his style of eating is just as intriguing a subject.

To begin with, the US president likes his pizzas served up on a silver tray. Not known for her sense of irony, his former spokeswoman and current counselor, Kellyanne Conway, said that "it goes with his authenticity".

Due to his germaphobia, Trump prefers fast food. The cleanliness and quality of the food produced by McDonald's is responsible for his junk food habit

He likes his steaks well done. According to a former butler, "It would rock on the plate, it was so well done". It's hard to tell, from the butler's choice of words whether the steak was good or hard as a rock.

He never drinks alcohol. He has boasted in the past that he has "no interest in it". However, he more than makes up for protecting his liver, by launching a liquid attack on his constitution through Diet Coke. Eight cans of it, amounting to 525 mg. of caffeine! 125 mg. more than the daily recommended intake!

It boggles the mind to think of how often this would lead him to use his golden toilet. This line of enquiry might well lead to the revelation, from the prez himself, that "I have the best bladder in the world...."

His unconventional approach to health extends to exercise.

In a nutshell, Trump believes that humans have a finite level of energy and that working out might cause it to deplete. It is reported that he once told an executive, who was training for a triathlon that he would "die young because of this".