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Montreal's Ville-Marie Tunnel Will Soon Get Shutdown

This is going to be a traffic nightmare.
Montreal's Ville-Marie Tunnel Will Soon Get Shutdown

This traffic has been a little heavy in the Ville-Marie tunnel this summer due to the fact that 2 lanes have been shut down for maintenance work. Unfortunately it looks like the traffic won't get any better because a lot more work needs to be done on the tunnel. And I'm not talking about fixing a few cracks and replacing some lights, this project involves dismantling the entire ceiling of the tunnel. So yeah, we're pretty much screwed.

The entire highway will have to be shut down for an indeterminate period of time during evenings and weekends and everyone knows that in Montreal, "indeterminate period of time" means "forever." They claim the highway won't need to be completely shut-down, but even while they were doing maintenance work on the walls they had to shut down the highway completely on more than one occasion. So is anyone really naive enough to think they won't have to shut it down while they're fixing a 2,5 km stretch of ceiling?

What's truly insane is that there's nowhere else for the cars to go. There are already more construction projects going on than there are roads. How the hell are cars supposed to bypass the tunnel? Is the city planning on funneling all those cars into the downtown core? Because unless the government has been working on some sort of secret inter-dimentional portal, then it's safe to say that we are all totally fucked.


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