Twitter Hotel 'Sol Wave House' Just Made Hooking Up While On Holiday That Much Easier

Wouldn't it be nice if the second you see someone hot, you could just let them know and skip all the silly flirting? Bypassing all the regular social conventions in order to get some is essentially the premise behind Sol Wave House, a hotel on the Magaluf Beach of Majorca which uses twitter to connect its residents.

Using the handle @SolWaveHouse, the resort uses an online community titled #SocialWave where vacationers can log in through Twitter and access a tailored web app that can only be accessed through the hotel's WiFi connection. From there, guests are free to roam the virtual hotel to see who's online and looking to get some. Poolside seating is even numbered to allow easier identification of hotties by the pool. Just send a virtual "kiss" and see what happens.

To prompt vacation lovin' Sol Wave House even has specifically designed #TwitterPartySuites for very personal encounters. Rooms can fit up to four people (for the very adventurous ;) ) and come with champagne to really get the party started. This is a hotel that has brought online hooking up the next level, integrating the community, application, and private playrooms all in one place.

At its core, Sol Wave House seems nothing more than a glorified online dating service, albeit a little more trendy. Do you think it would be a fun time, or just filled with creepers? Are you a fan of using twitter to interact with people while on vacation, or does it take the fun and mystery out of random social interaction? Is Sol Wave House just a breeding ground for STIs? Let us know in the comments below.