Twitter Is Going To Look Exactly Like Facebook

A new update and makeover for the social media network.
Twitter Is Going To Look Exactly Like Facebook

Twitter just announced a big new change to its format. New format and features are confirmed to be on their way, but you'll be pretty familiar with the layout. Basically Twitter is going to look and feel like Facebook. Yay?

Photos and popular tweets will become much more of a focus in the new Twitter layout, which pretty much looks like a timeline. Here's a rundown of the new features:

  • Best Tweets: Trending tweets will become slightly larger, to allow you to find the best/most popular content more easily
  • Pinned Tweet: You can now pin a tweet to the top of your page, kind of like a twitter-style cover photo or profile pic
  • Filtered Tweets: Streamline your twitter feed when viewing other profiles. You'll be able to choose to view basic tweets, tweets with photos/videos, or tweets and replies.

Nothing incredibly groundbreaking, but an obvious push towards images is pretty evident in Twitter's makeover. Words can be scary for new users, so it looks like Twitter is trying to appeal to a much wider audience who would rather look at stuff than read, which is pretty much everyone.

Brand new Twitter-users will automatically get the new update starting today, while existing tweeters will have to wait a few weeks.

See the new twitter on Michelle Obama's profile, who already has the update. #FirstLadyPerks.

How do you feel about Twitter's makeover?

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