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Twitter Never Wants You To Watch Television Alone

The social media network's plan to dominate the world of television.
Twitter Never Wants You To Watch Television Alone

Fred Graver, Twitter's head of television, announced his plan to fuse the social media network with your everyday viewing habits. To sum it up, Graver wants you to always be using Twitter when you're watching TV.

Graver commented he wants to “get say ‘Oh my God watching TV with Twitter is so much better than watching TV alone.’”

A very ambitious goal, but apparently the trend has already started. Graver gave some interesting figures, saying 95% of public convos about TV happen on Twitter, and 33% of people on Twitter tweet about their favourite TV shows.

Graver's idea may work with scheduled programming, but a major hitch in Graver's plan is the Netflix style of binge-watching TV on your own schedule, or just streaming/torrenting. When you're burning through House of Cards at 3am, there probably aren't a lot of people to have a Twitter convo with.

Still, I could see myself getting pretty into making hundreds of comments on how awesome the latest episode of Game of Thrones is, especially if it's Daenarys-heavy. Assuming I ever get cable, of course.

Do you tweet while watching TV?

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