Two Beaches In Cape Cod Have Been Officially Shut Down Because Of Dangerous Sharks

A shark actually started eating a seal right next to the shore.
Two Beaches In Cape Cod Have Been Officially Shut Down Because Of Dangerous Sharks

Earlier this week a man was brutally attacked by a shark while he was swimming off a beach in Cape Cod. With wounds across his legs and torso he was airlifted to a hospital, luckily still in stable condition. 

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This was the first attack in five years, so it does come as a bit of a shock. Although beach-goers have frequently spotted sharks lurking through the waters by the beach, everyone assumed this was a freak accident and there was no need for fear of swimming at the beach.

That was until people began reporting seeing sharks constantly ever since the man was attacked. One shark even took to devouring a seal extremely close to the shore. No one knows for sure if one of the sharks spotted was the same one that attacked the man just the day before, but chances are it's definitely still in the area.

Cape Cod authorities were left with no other choice but to close two beaches in hopes of avoiding anymore encounters with sharks. It's uncertain what steps will be taken to make the beaches safe once again, but until a solution is reached both beaches (and possibly more in the upcoming days) will be off limits to the public indefinitely.

The last time a shark actually killed someone in the state of Massachusetts was in 1936, but there have been a few attacks on people since then - some even leaving people in life-threatening condition.

Although going to the beach for the last few weeks of summer is no longer allowed in Cape Cod, maybe it's a sign to start getting ready for the next season, thankfully one with a lot less interactions with sharks.


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