Two Bros Eating Poutine In Super Slow Motion

You will never look at poutine the same again.
Two Bros Eating Poutine In Super Slow Motion

Nobody looks sexy while eating a poutine, it simply can't be done. All the grease and cheese pretty much puts you into an animalistic state where all you can think/do is devour the poutine before you, with zero f*cks given to personal appearance.

Unfortunately for these two gents, their poutine experience didn't stay hidden inside a greasy spoon at 3am (like many of us) but instead was caught on film, in all its gross-glory. The guy on the left has a literal foodgasm, with an evident climax around 0:41.

Watch these fellas go to town on some poutine in the video below, and don't judge, because we've all been there before, and no matter what your boy/girlfriend said, you didn't look cute.

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Thanks for the tip Edouard Duong.