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Two Canadian Cops On Duty Raid Marijuana Dispensary And Got So High They Had To Call Backup

Whenever you hear about a marijuana dispensary being raided somewhere in Canada, you can’t help but think: what happens to all the cannabis and edibles being taken away?

Surely some of the police officers involved in a raid smoke weed (doesn’t everyone?) and took some for their own supply. That, or as non-smokers, they couldn’t help but be curious and see what all the love for marijuana is about. 

Well, regardless of their intent, it looks like two Toronto police officers couldn’t resist the urge and decided to try some marijuana edibles taken straight from a dispensary they just raided. 

Last Saturday night, two Toronto cops raided a local marijuana dispensary, as happens fairly frequently in the city. The pair (who were still on active duty) then decided to eat some of the marijuana edibles that were supposed to be taken in as evidence, reports multiple Toronto news outlets. 

But, as anyone who has eaten edibles knows, it takes some time for the effects to kick in. Apparently these two cops didn’t know that factoid, and after some time passed, they decided to eat even more edibles. 

And, as anyone who has eaten edibles also knows, that was a bad idea. 

As you can imagine, the marijuana eventually took effect, multiplied in potency thanks to the addition of more edibles in the officer’s respective bodily systems. 

Things only got weird from there. 

In true “ate too many edibles now I’m clinging to dear life” fashion (we’ve all been there) the duo got panicked, calling for an ambulance and support from their fellow officers. 

According to NEWSTALK 1010, when other police persons arrive on the scene, one of the edible-eating officers ran hurriedly away. 

Somehow, at least one officer was taken to the hospital, but it’s not clear if that’s because they slipped and fell in the ensuring chase or some other sort of hiking ensued. 

The Toronto Police Service is remaining relatively mum on the topic, only confirming that the incident did take place and two officers are officially being investigated by the Toronto police Professional Standards Unit.

Officials also told theToronto Star that the two officers (who have remained unnamed) are alleged to have eaten edibles while on the job. 

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