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Two Men Break Into Hudson Home In The Middle Of The Night And Violently Attack Woman

For most people, Sunday evenings are a time of rest. A time to go to bed early and sleep peacefully throughout the night. 

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This was not the case for a Hudson woman who was in her home late Sunday night when two strangers broke down her door and attacked her.

According to a source, when she first heard the noise of the door breaking down, she thought it was thunder. Her dog began to bark loudly, so she proceeded to walk to her door where she saw two total strangers just there in her house.

The invaders proceeded to attack her by grabbing her throat, and they brought her down to the ground. The woman then bit her attackers in a desperate attempt at self-defense.

It was clear that the only thing they were after were valuables, as the victim claims they were demanding where she kept her money.

She then offered to go get her wallet from the kitchen, once they released her, she made a dash out the side door.

The invaders attempted to pursue her out the house, but the woman was able to flag down a passing car, and this prompted the perpetrators to flee.

Hudson is known to be a quiet suburb of Montreal, the victim of this terrifying crime has lived in the for 41-years and never experienced anything like this before.


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