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Two Men Shot And One Dead In East Montreal Shooting, Suspect Is Still Unknown

In the span of just three short days, there have been two separate shootings on the island of Montreal that claimed the lives of two individuals.

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The Gazette reportedearlier this week, that on Tuesday evening a shooting went down in normally peaceful N.D.G neighborhood, police were called to the scene which resulted in an officer fatally shooting and killing a man in self-defense. 

The victim, Nicholas Gibbs, a man known to have an extensive criminal record, allegedly came at the police with a knife.  The police officer attempted to tase him unsuccessfully and was, as a result, required to use a handgun in self-defense.  

The case is currently being investigated by the Bureau of Independent Inquiry (BEI).

Today, I woke up to the news of yet another violent shooting, this time in the borough of St-Leonard.

Police received a call yesterday evening of a man who was shot in a commercial building on Lafrenaie St. near Magloire St.

When they arrived at the scene, Montreal police found a young 23-year-old man shot in the upper body.  The transported him to the hospital alive but fearing for his life.

Another man was found, a 53-year-old victim who was pronounced dead at the scene.

The story is still developing and Montreal Police are still searching the area for the shooter.


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