Two New X-Men Movies To Begin Filming In Montreal This Summer

The city will be filled with Hollywood celebrities.
Two New X-Men Movies To Begin Filming In Montreal This Summer

This morning we got a huge announcement from the Marvel universe.

Yet another X-Men Movie is set to be filmed in Montreal this Summer.

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I say yet another, because so far,  X-men: New Mutants already announced it will begin filming  in May with James McAvoy and Maisie Williams (Aria from Game of Thrones) are already rumored to be part of the cast.

But as it turns out, there will be two X-Men movies being filmed side by side, and both begin production in May 2017!

The latest movie, X-Men: Supernova, has been given the working title "Teen Spirit" which would make it a sequel to X-Men Apocalypse.

Some speculate that certain actors will be appearing in both movies, which is why they are being filmed simultaneously.

That means that this summer we may be seeing James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Rose Byrne, Evan Peters, and Sophie Turner in Montreal.

Bonus: If we're really lucky, we might have both the Stark sisters hanging out in Montreal at the same time!