Two Canadian Police Officers Are Dead After the Fredericton Mass Shooting

The news is heartbreaking.
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Two Canadian Police Officers Are Dead After the Fredericton Mass Shooting

News continues to break about the mass shooting in Fredericton, New Brunswick this morning.

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Police responded to reports of gun fire on Brookside Drive around 7am on Friday August 10th.

Fredericton police later released a statement confirming that four people has been killed.

Unfortunately, the police department also moments ago confirmed that two of its own officers are among the dead.

Of the four people killed in this morning's shootings on Brookside Drive, two were Fredericton Police officers. No names are being released at this time. Please appreciate this is a difficult time for their families and our colleagues. We will provide more info when we can.

August 10, 2018

The department has yet to release their identities as the investigation is ongoing.

Fortunately, a suspect is already in custody.

The area around the shooting is still on lockdown "for the foreseeable future" and police have urged residents to stay in their homes with their doors locked.

There is no word yet about a possible motive or if police are on the search for additional suspects.

This is the second mass shooting in Canada in one month. In July, three people died after a shooter opened fire on pedestrians in Toronto.

News continues to come out of Fredericton so stay tuned.


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