Two Quebec Men Screwed Up Their Murder-Suicide Pact

Shooter shot acquaintance before killing himself.
Two Quebec Men Screwed Up Their Murder-Suicide Pact

In a tragic incident, one Quebec man shot another before killing himself in his car.

The victim was wounded, but is believed to be out of danger.

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The shooter's actions are believed to have been deliberate and calculated, rather than a random explosion of rage. He paid a visit to the victim's house with the intention of shooting him.

He then followed up the grisly act by going to his car and pointing the gun at himself and pulling the trigger.

When the police arrived, they found the shooter dead, and the victim inside the house, wounded but alive.

The evidence points to a murder-suicide pact between the two men. It might be safely assumed that they succeeded in half their mission.

The incident occurred in the municipality of Pincourt, which is situated off the western tip of the island of Montreal.

Both men were in their 50s, with the shooter being 59 and the victim 55.

Police have established that the two men knew each other.

The cause of the attempted murder-suicide is, as yet, unknown.