Types Of Montreal Girls You Should Think Twice About Before Dating

Don't say we didn't warn you first.
Types Of Montreal Girls You Should Think Twice About Before Dating

After writing an article about the types of guys girls should never trust, I thought - why not make a female alternative to that post?

I've noticed that some girls aren't as suited for serious relationships as others. It's not right to generalize and categorize people based on certain characteristics, but I'm still tempted to talk about a few red flags to keep in mind when looking for the right girlfriend. You might even find this list remotely entertaining. So here are the types of Montreal girls you should think twice before dating.

Party animal

If your girl gets more excited about Igloofest or Beachclub's winter EDM festival than with a one on one date with you... red flag! Party girls can make great girlfriends and eventually even wonderful wives, just NOT YET. Give her your number and have her call you back once she stops getting FOMO on the weekends.

Social media queen

Addiction to social media might seem harmless at first glance. After all, we live in an era of technology where everyone is interconnected through Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Does she Snapchat every single step of her day, from grabbing coffee at Café Myriade to having dinner at Les Enfants Terribles? Every social media queen is looking for "fake" attention that can fill the void inside her caused by very deep personal issues.

Your ex girlfriend

As much as it might feel safe and familiar, stay away from "ex girlfriend territory." You might get flashbacks from that hot make out session you had on Mount Royal or something and feel melancholic, lonely, sad... but going back into something you once walked out of is rarely a good idea.

Crazy cat lady

Does she love to hang out at Montreal's cat cafes? Does she have more than one cat? Did she show you pictures of her cats? Red flag! Red flag! Red flag! You might be dealing with a Montreal crazy cat lady. They're absolutely harmless, yet often don't qualify for a stable girlfriend position. Unless you're as passionate about cats as she is, then it's totally worth a shot.

Questionable career girl

Has she worked at Montreal's Amazones or Super Sexe? Yes? Then you might want to really sit down and think about all the pros and cons of dating a (ex?) stripper. Don't get me wrong, she might be a great girl. Just take your time before making any serious commitments.

"ADD" girl

I want you to think about your first date. You were probably having dinner at one of Montreal's romantic restaurants, possibly Da Emma? Am I right? Probably not, but that's not the point.

Was she completely focused on you or was she browsing though her phone once in a while? Did she make eye contact or were her eyes scanning the restaurant? You want to date a girl who gives you her undivided attention. If she is easily distracted, it might backfire on you in the long run. She can totally get distracted with a new man. Just be careful.

Your coworker

Let's say you work at Fido and there's a gorgeous new girl on your team. She's funny, smart, confident, etc. In other words, she's everything you ever wanted in a woman.

I have bad news for you - most office romances have tragic endings, keep that in mind. Especially if you actually value your job position. Unless, of course, it's true love and the two of you are meant to be together forever(-ish). Then by all means, go for it. All I'm saying is, think twice before diving into this commitment.

Drama Queen

If she has a problem with you going out to a new bar on Plateau with the boys or likes to pick random fights for ridiculous reasons, you might be dealing with a case of "drama queen syndrome." Good news is, a carefully crafted intervention can actually help her become a balanced human being... but it all depends on the severity of the syndrome at hand. In other words, you might want to avoid this complex personality type. Or not.

Flaky girl

Did you make plans to go check out that new restaurant in the Old Portand then she cancelled last minute? Congratulations, you're dealing with a flaky girl! This kind of behaviour can get extremely annoying and frustrating. Are you willing to deal with last minute cancellations on a regular basis? Take time to think about it.