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U2 Spotted In Montreal Having A "Secret" Tour Rehearsal

Let the celebrity stalking begin!
U2 Spotted In Montreal Having A "Secret" Tour Rehearsal

Well, this is sort of exciting, isn't it?

U2 is gearing up to launch their 2018 tour this summer, and Montrealer's are already counting down the days til their concerts here at the Bell Centre in June.

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All week long, fans of the famous Irish rock band have been spotting stage supply and equipment trucks that have often been tied to the band when on tour. 

All the U2 message boards have been saying the same thing, that the band is going to be setting up shop in Laval to rehearse for the tour, which starts next month.

Well, it would seem the rumors are in fact true. 

U2 is, indeed, holding (not-so) secret tour rehearsals right here in the Montreal limits, at Place Bell in Laval.

This Twitter user, and clearly a major U2 fan reports that some of the setlist for the coming tour has been revealed on day 1 of rehearsals.

BIG SPOILERS IN ARTICLE: Wrap up of day one rehearsals for the #U2eiTour including song information:

April 10, 2018

Bono was (apparently) spotted entering the Place Laval venue around 6 PM. Source.

Time to put on your U2 fan swag and go set-up shop outside Place Bell in Laval, QC!

You too might be able to spot U2 around town. See what we did there?

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