U2 Spotted On Montreal's Saint-Laurent Street

Discreetly indiscreet.
U2 Spotted On Montreal's Saint-Laurent Street

It happened. The men who took over our iPods (whether we wanted them to or not) were in our fine city this weekend. U2 played a series of concerts at the Bell Centre over the weekend and, as a means for relaxation, decided to stop by Montreal's Mural Fest.

They popped a squat in the VIP section during the Fool's Gold block party to take in the art, the music, and the general good vibes that are happening around the city.

Mural Fest this year was better than ever, and it was sad to see it come to a close. It just goes to show how far Mural Fest has come. It's such an intimate thing for the city of Montreal to have artists reshaping the landscape. However, it has become international enough that it now pulls in superstars like U2 to come watch. When you think about it, that is pretty damn cool - almost as cool as Bono's blonde hair.

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