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UberEATS Is Coming To Montreal Soon

Poutine right to your door.
UberEATS Is Coming To Montreal Soon

Living in a city filled with such wonderful foods like Montreal, a food-lover can get a little overwhelmed. There are just so many eateries (Montreal has the highest restaurant per capita on the continent, excluding NYC) to choose from, and not enough time to try them all.

Wouldn't it be nice, then, to have a speedy delivery service that removes travel time entirely, allowing you to enjoy some of the city's best meals anywhere you are?

Sure, there's JustEat and the like, but they generally have long wait times and you never know when you're meal is going to arrive, and my hanger doesn't have time for that. I'm sure yours doesn't either.

But there's a new food delivery player coming to town, one that is known for its innovative approach and efficiency: UberEATS.

The culinary offshoot of the (sometimes controversial) taxi hailing service, UberEATS launched in Toronto last year, providing the city with easy to order and quick to arrive high-quality eats. But it left us wondering when the hell UberEATS was coming to Montreal.

We decided to find out, and posed the inquiry to an UberEATS representative, who gave us some great news.

While an official launch date couldn't be given, the UberEATS rep noted the delivery service is "growing at lightning speed," further commenting that there is a high probability they will launch in Montreal "soon."

Granted, "soon" isn't the most definitive of answers, it's more than nothing, and given by the tone of the rep's response, it seems like UberEATS is definitely planning on heading to Montreal once they're good and ready, which makes us pretty excited.

For those who don't know much about UberEATS, or why it isn't different from other delivery services, the app provides some pretty sweet features.

Firstly, you can track when your food is coming through the app, much like you do with your driver and Uber now. Secondly, UberEATS provides tons of restaurant choices (over 100 in Toronto right now) along with an "Instant Delivery" option that brings prepared meals to your door in minutes.

Wildly successful in Toronto (UberEATS increased is service times to meet demand in December), I can only imagine UberEATS would do just as well here in Montreal.

So here's to hoping "soon" doesn't mean very long at all, and that no one protests this version of Uber, because quicker poutine delivery is a beautiful thing.

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