UberX Is Now Illegal In Montreal

Photo cred – blog.uber.com

Yesterday uberX, the commercial carpooling extension of taxi-hailing app uber, which lets anyone become a cabbie, launched in the city of Montreal. Today, barely 24 hours after the launch, mayor Denis Coderre has stated that uberX will be recognized as illegal in Montreal, reports CBC.

UberX has been deemed illegal as it is "in conflict with rules created by the Quebec Transportation Committee," says Coderre, though which policies the app violates were not pointed out. Coderre did speak to Quebec transportation minister Robert Poëti about uberX, so Coderre's claims aren't coming out of thin air.

What will happen to the 100 drivers who have signed up for uberX and how the City of Montreal plans to enforce the illegality of the service remains to be seen. Given that uberX cabs are just regular people's cars, it'd be quite difficult to point them out and pull them over on the road, so I wouldn't be too stressed if you took an uberX ride to work this morning.

A lot of controversy has surrounded the launch of uberX in Montreal, with many cab drivers believing the service will seriously hurt their business, as it has in other cities. The uberX rides cost about 30% less than a standard cab, so I'd be pretty worried if I was a cab driver too. We'll see how much the mayor's statement affects people's decision to use the app, because lets be real, saving money can win out over it being illegal for some folks.

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