This Game Lets You Decide The Fate Of Quebec

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Game Description

Would you make a good premiere of Quebec? With all the mudslinging and controversy currently going on in Quebec's provincial election campaigns, I'm sure you've thought about how you could run the province way better than Couillard, Legault, or Marois.

Time to find out.

"Solitary : A Game of Values" puts you in the role of Quebec's leader, with the fate of the PQ's disputed Charter of Values, and the whole province in your hands.

Rather than demonize the CoV, the game actually gives a unique window into the peculiar position of the provincial government. Will you go for full multiculturalism and upset Quebec's majority? Will you focus only on the benefit of Quebecers? Can you please both sides?

Find out what kind of leader you are and try for yourself below.

Credits: William Robinson (director), Pierson Brown (researcher), Francis "Narf" Sheridan Paré (programmer), Samuel Boucher (artist) and Harry Warshaw (music).

Learn more about the game and its creation here. 

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Chuck Lapointe