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Unexpected Ways You Can Explore Montreal This Summer

The season to be in the city.
Unexpected Ways You Can Explore Montreal This Summer

When I ask you about summer in Montreal, what goes through your mind? 

Is it bright sun; sidewalk sales; outdoor festivals? Summer in Montreal is fantastic, but it can also blend together in a blur of sunshine, crowds, and outdoor stages.

Which is fine, butsome of us might want to experience a different side to the city. Something just as fun, but a little... bolder. 

Well, if you want to have the ultimate dark and unexpected summer, then you’re going to have to make your way to Montreal’s Mural Fest.

There'll be something new waiting for you at this year's Mural Fest - something a little darker than you might expect.

Kraken Black Summer Skream will be taking over the festival this year, and shining a black sun on all things unconventional.

There'll be an unconventionally dark Kraken mural on St. Laurent and Duluth and rich and smooth Kraken Black Spiced Rum drinks at every Mural Fest Bar. For those who dare to experience the darkness in an unexpected way, check out the Kraken Black Summer Skream truckand experience the blackest treat of all: The Kraken Black Spiced Rum ice cream.

Sometimes, painting the summer black isn't such a bad thing. 

via @krakenrum

There are mysteries all around us in Montreal, even some hidden in plain sight. The best way to discover them, though, is to open your mind to some unexpected fun.

For more information on the Kraken Summer Skream truck, check out Kraken Rum's official Facebook page right here.