Unique Things To Do For An Adventurous Date In Montreal

Get out of your comfort zone.
Unique Things To Do For An Adventurous Date In Montreal
Rebecca Perez

Tired of going out for dinners, or watching a movie? You should be, those “been-there-done-that” date ideas are boring and passé. Time to take things to the next level, guys. But where do you start?

Well, ladies and gents, I've got the PERFECT ideas coming straight from yours truly, the MTL Blog team. This list of things to do will leave your s/o mystified, and in complete awe. we'll even let you take credit for it.

1. Sneak into an abandoned building in the Old Port and watch the stars from the rooftop.

2. Drive out to Parachute Voltige and go sky diving!

3. Check into Signature BBA Aviation with a private pilot, and take a ride to Mont Tremblant for breakfast.

4. Spend a Sunday afternoon at the Ceramic Café.

5. Visit the World Trade Centre in Square Victoria.

6. Follow the Lachine canal park, all the way up to the "forbidden" gate and watch the sunset on a bed of rocks.

7. Shoot at your s/o with a paintball gun at Action 500.

8. Get an exhilarating ride on the tracks of Kart-O-Mania.

9. Go to a residential neighbourhood , trespass in somebody's backyard and go skinny dipping in their underground pool.

11. Walk up to the Mount Royal lookout, drink 2 bottles of wine, and play hide and seek in the forest blindfolded.

12. Go Treasure Hunting!

13. Park on a random street in between two cars, and see what you can do in the backseat...

14. Dare to try a Montreal Escape game.

15. Leave clues around the city via Snapchat and make your date find you before midnight.

16. Put on a pair of jeans and running shoes, and dance the night away at Stereo Bar.

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