20 Unique Things Do To For Your Birthday In Montreal

Make the most of your special day.
20 Unique Things Do To For Your Birthday In Montreal

Alright, straight up: Birthdays are the best. Any other day of the year, it's super weird to be commanding all the attention, but on your birthday? No problem. You're the star. The day is all about you, so soak it up!

Naturally, you want to have an awesome time on your birthday, and thankfully in Montreal, there are tons of super fun things to do to celebrate another year of you. If you want to mix it up a little bit, here are some amusing, slightly out of the box things for you to do on your special day.

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1. Celebrate your birthday dinner with some naked sushi.

2. Celebrate your special day with tons of fluttering butterflies at the Botanical Gardens' "Butterflies Go Free" exhibition, on until April 24.

3. If your birthday falls on the week of the 16th, and you're an art buff, check out this activist art fair with your squad.

4. Get yourself to Starbucks for a free birthday drink, and order the most obscure yet delicious thing you can think of. (Just make sure you're an MSR member, first).

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5. Love surfing but can't make it out to an ocean for your birthday? No problem. Check out this South Shore spot for some indoor surfing and food.

6. If your birthday falls on April 9, then celebrate it at this Montreal Ibiza-themed party.

7. Born on April 12? Enjoy some free ice cream on your birthday, and then follow it up with free Indian food. (Yes, you can have dessert first. It's your birthday. Go crazy).

8. Or grab some Cambodian dishes and enjoy a free dessert or cocktail.

9. Give yourself the gift of some seriously on fleek walls, and spend your birthday nabbing as many retro posters as you can.

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10. Surround yourself with adorable kitties and grab a birthday meal at Montreal's cat cafe

11. Swing into your new age bracket at Quartier Des Spectacles' Musical Light Swing art installation, starting on April 11.

12. Love short films? Gift yourself some viewing time at the Phi Centre, throughout April. Bring a group of friends for some extra birthday fun and cap off the night with some free karaoke.

13. Swashbuckle like a pro on your special day, and explore this Montreal pirate ship adventure course.

14. Signed up to Dairy Queen's Blizzard Fan Club? Awesome. Get yourself that special birthday buy-one-get-one-free coupon, and go beast on two Blizzards for the price of one.

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15. Enjoy a delicious Moroccan birthday meal and an awesome birthday bellydancing show at La Menara.

16. Stuff as many toppings as you can into your yummy froyo from Menchie's, courtesy of their $5 birthday reward coupon.

17. Get yourself a mini makeover at Sephora. While you're there, don't forget to pick up your free birthday reward.

18. Does your birthday fall the week of the 17th? Then celebrate in style at this Quebec wine tasting festival.

19. For a super out of the box experience, grab some friends and get yourself birthday lost at Montreal's escape game.

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20. Frustrated at growing a year older? Get it all out of your system at Montreal's Rage Academy.

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