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United Airlines Is Suing Montreal Man Because Of Ridiculous Reason

He's isn't backing down.
United Airlines Is Suing Montreal Man Because Of Ridiculous Reason

United Airlines has been in crisis-mode since that video went viral of a passenger being dragged out of his seat. 

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They are preparing for the impending lawsuits headed their way, people are vowing never to fly United again, and now they're stock is plummeting. 

United Airlines stock is being re-accomodated. $

April 11, 2017

So perhaps they'll be too busy to continue their ridiculous legal battle with a man from Montreal that has been ongoing for about 5 years now. 

Jeremy Cooperstock had a bad experience with United Airlines when he was student, but since it was the 90's and he couldn't just go on Facebook to vent his frustration, he created a webpage to share he grievances. 

United sent him a cease-and-desist letter, so he closed it down. 

But Cooperstock wasn't done yet, he started a complaint database called Untied Airlines in 1997, which collected 30,000 complaints in only 1 year. 

That's when United sued him for trademark infringement because of the logo on the website. But we all know that what they really want is for the complaints to be taken down.

He is being sued in both Federal and Provincial court. The Quebec courts already ruled against him, however he still waiting for the ruling from the Federal court of Canada. 

Cooperstock said he vows to keep the website up for as long as he can.


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