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Starting November 1st e-cigarettes will be officially prohibited on the Université de Montréal campus. A new legislation approved on October 7th by the university's Executive Committee, the policy set to be enforced at the dawn of November will equate e-cigarettes with their ordinary counterparts, with the same restrictions applying.

Kudos to for pointing this e-cig story in our direction, which was originally outlined on UdeM's website. The university's statement outlines the new policy, with e-cigs banned in any building and can only be smoked 9 meters away from any entrance.

In a very egalitarian point of view, the decision to ban e-cigs was made simply to respect all of the non-smokers on campus. Dean of UdeM's School of Public Health, Pierre Fournier stated that it isn't the place of the school to decide whether e-cigs are harmful or safe, but rather to ensure all students are comfortable, with many having complained about the fumes emitted within the university's buildings.

The jury is still out on whether e-cigs are less, more, or just as harmful as regular cigarettes, but given that UdeM is a place of learning, one where every person's health and safety should be safeguarded, the decision to ban vapes is quite justified. Having to sit in a lecture next to a person smoking an e-cig can be extremely distracting and make a person a bit uncomfortable, so even though a few people may be pissed, we respect UdeM's choice to create a healthy learning environment for the majority.

Read the full statement here.

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