Update: The U.S. Refuses To Stop Invading Canadian Waters

The most confrontational move yet.
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Update: The U.S. Refuses To Stop Invading Canadian Waters

Relations between Canada and the United States continue to deteriorate. And as the situation becomes more tense between the two countries, their long border will be the site where much of that animosity unfolds.

Earlier this week, news broke that the United States Border Patrol has been entering Canadian waters to stop and interview fishing boats in the resource-rich Gulf of Maine. Today, after the situation made headlines, the infamously tough American agency made clear that they plan to continue to carry out such intrusions.

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The area in question surrounds a collection of small islands off the coast of Maine and New Brunswick. Since, of course, it's impossible to draw a line in the water, the area is claimed by both countries. But Canada has historically had jurisdiction over the islands and the operations they host.

The decision to enforce American immigration rules in the area effectively denies the strong Canadian claim to the islands and waters.

The announcement from the United States is characteristic of the aggressive foreign and border policy pursued by the Trump administration. Uproar continues surrounding the human rights abuses carried out by the Department of Homeland Security.

And last month, Canadians were astonished to learn that not only can American border agents seize their cellphones, but that the border patrol had established checkpoints throughout New England to stop foreigners.

There's no telling just how American policing of the waters in the Gulf of Maine will affect the Canadian fishing industry there. 

But this latest development is certainly the most confrontational move yet by the current American administration in its multi-faceted dispute with Canada.

Stay tuned.


Thomas MacDonald
Senior Editor
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