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Montreal University Student Wants To Pay You To Fill Out A Survey If You Are A Female Virgin

Every day, I come across new and interesting things online - as I'm sure the majority of you guys do, too. But today, I stumbled upon something that truly caught my eye, and that I thought I'd share with y'all.

An UQAM student is conducting a study on female virginity, and is reaching out to the Montreal community for interested participants. You’ve got to be English-speaking, born in Quebec, between the ages of 24-29, and identify as a heterosexual virgin.

Directed by Marie-Aude Boislard, Ph.D and Mylene Fernet, Ph.D, this project is spearheaded by Master's students of UQAM's sexology department.

And in return for helping them out, you get a crisp $20. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, TBH.

Interested? Awesome. If you are, then you can contact the primary researcher of the study  at, and check out their flyer for more information:

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