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Urban Outfitters Mocks Mental Illness With Their New T-Shirt

Mental illness is not a fashion statement.
Urban Outfitters Mocks Mental Illness With Their New T-Shirt

Recently, Urban Outfitters was forced to remove one of it's t-shirts from stores. After releasing the crop top which had the word "depression" written all over it, shoppers complained that the store was laughing at the severe mental illness.

"This incident marks Urban Outfitters' second accusation of social inappropriateness. A couple of years ago, the retail outlet tried to sell a shirt which had the words "Eat Less" written in large font. Soon after, One Tree Hillactress, Sophia Bush set out to boycott the store in her disgust towards the promotion of anorexia.

Now, the store is being boycotted yet again for making light of depression, an illness which affects many year after year. After continuous complaints about the shirt, Urban Outfitters acted by reducing the price from $59 to $9.99.

After price reductions failed to please the public, the store issued a brief apology on Twitter and removed the shirt off their shelves.

What do you think about Urban Outfitters' shirt? Should they continue to sell this sort of clothing? Let us know with your comments!

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