Urgence Quebec Warning: High Risk Of Flooding Across The Province

Several lakes and rivers have already started flooding.
Urgence Quebec Warning: High Risk Of Flooding Across The Province

Urgence Quebec is warning people in Quebec that there is a high risk of flooding across the province due to several factors. The combination of the spring thaw, ice floes in the St. Lawrence and impending high tide on Thursday predicted by Environment Canada has the Organisation de la sécurité civile du Québec worried.

The OSCQ is calling on municipalities to be vigilant and carefully consider areas that are likely to flood. They also are asking citizens to inform their municipality if any abnormalities or overflowing is seen in their area.

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TL;DR As snow continues to thaw across the province, Urgence Quebec is warning that several areas across the province are at high risk of flooding. They've also noted the rivers and lakes that are at highest risk of flooding, as well as those that have already started to flood. 

[rebelmouse-image 26893398 photo_credit="S\u00e9curit\u00e9 publique Qu\u00e9bec" expand=1 original_size="604x148"] Sécurité publique Québec

Areas in particular danger of flooding, due to their proximity to bodies of water and other factors include:

  • Centre-du-Québec
  • Chaudière-Appalaches
  • Cantons-de-l'Est
  • Lanaudière
  • Laurentides
  • Outaouais
  • La région de Montréal

Areas north of the St. Lawrence as well as the Gaspésie region will see considerable amounts of water as snow continues to melt, feeding the bodies of water already flowing there.

The Ottawa Region Regulation Planning Commission has raised alerts due to the 30-55mm forecasted rainfall expected to hit the region on Thursday, according to La Presse

They also note that snowfall was twice as high in this area for this time of year, meaning even more runoff as the snow melts. 

Urgence Quebec also released a list of rivers and lakes that are likely to see some flooding in the coming days, if they haven't already:

  • lac des Deux Montagnes
  • rivière Beaurivage
  • rivière Coaticook
  • rivière des Mille Îles
  • rivière des Outaouais
  • rivière des Prairies
  • rivière Famine
  • rivière Jaune
  • rivière Massawippi
  • rivière Richelieu
  • rivière Rigaud

On the Urgence Quebecsite, you will also find a list of areas that have roads that have already been impacted by flooding. Be sure to plan your route accordingly.

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