Usher To Play Free Concert At Montreal's Bell Centre

First-come, first-served.
Usher To Play Free Concert At Montreal's Bell Centre

Whenever we announce concerts in Montreal we receive a ton of messages from MTLBlog readers asking us about free tickets.

But trust me, if I had free tickets to every concert in Montreal, my Instagram page would be a lot cooler.

Luckily, every once in awhile the gods of music smile upon our city.

via @usher

Usher will be holding special concert on September 17th at the Bell Center. Half Moon Run will also be there and rumor has it that Bono from U2 will also be participating in the concert.

But the thing that makes this concert so special is the fact that most of the tickets will be given away for FREE!

All you need to do is complete 5 simple tasks and the tickets are yours.

via @usher

Don't worry they're not very demanding tasks, they mostly involve watching YouTube videos and signing some online petitions.

You can find the full list of tasks here along with all the necessary links.

Click here to get your free ticket

Of the 12,000 available tickets 10,000 of them will be given away for free. Once you complete the task you're entered in the lottery, it's that simple.

Now get off your ass and go get those tickets!

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