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Vachon Forced To Shut Down The Jos Louis Factory Due to Flooding In Quebec

You can take away our homes but you can't take away our tiny cakes.
Vachon Forced To Shut Down The Jos Louis Factory Due to Flooding In Quebec

It has just been announced that Vachon, the company that produces the popular little cake known as "Jos Louis," has had to cease production due to flooding.

The production plant is located in the Beauce region of Quebec, one of the regions which has been hit the hardest by the spring floods. If this leads to a shortage of Jos Louis, there will be riots.

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TL;DR Vachon has ceased its production due to flooding in the Beauce region. The pastry manufacturer makes, amongst other things, the popular "Jos Louis" cakes.

Operations were actually halted on Saturday, when police conducted evacuations in the area.

If you've been following the flooding in Quebec, Beauce is one of the regions most intensely hit by the floods.

Employees are currently assessing the damage, but a spokesperson for the company said that it could take between three to eight weeks for operations to resume.

For those of you who are not from Quebec originally and do not know what a Jos Louis is, let me explain it this way: it's a tiny slice of heaven, made up of two sponge cakes (in different flavours) that sandwich a layer of icing.

These things are seriously addictive, and I know more than one person who will be in withdrawal if shortages arise.

For context, my grandpa ate these until my grandma literally begged him to stop because of his high blood pressure.

Many parts of Quebec are still flooded, and more damage is expected as water levels keep rising.

Stay tuned for more updates, pastry related and otherwise.

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