Valérie Plante Wants Montreal To Make Money Off Of Marijuana

Getting a cut of that sweet weed money.
Valérie Plante Wants Montreal To Make Money Off Of Marijuana

The sale of legalized marijuana is expected to be a cash-cow for the Canadian government and the Plante administration wants Montreal to get a cut.

In the wake of Bill C-45 being passed in the House of Commons, legislation that will legalize marijuana by next July, a member of the mayor's executive committee made a statement on Wednesday pertaining to the effects legalized marijuana will have on the city.

“This bill will bring a lot of extra costs,” said Robert Beaudry, executive committee member in charge of economic and commercial development, reports Métro.

Public safety, human resources, and added work for police and security officials were listed as expenses legal marijuana will bring to Montreal.

The exact amount of added costs still hasn’t been figured out, nor has the federal government stated how much municipalities will rake in on marijuana sales.

As of now, the plan is for split between federal and provincial government on funds collected through the sales tax on marijuana. How much cities will get of that cut, however, remains to be seen.

Details on the economic framework to be set up in Quebec concerning marijuana sales is expected to come in January.

How much Montreal will collect through the sale of marijuana, along with other rules (like if weed can be smoked in public park) will be included in this report.

Mayor Valérie Plante said in relation to this report, and the regulation of marijuana in general, that her team will “ensure that everything is done as best as possible, in the interest of all.”

Plante has previously stated that Montreal needs to get a cut of the money collected through the marijuana tax.

Current opposition leader Lionel Perez feels the same, saying that “this is the number one issue for Montreal,” adding that Plante needs to ensure that Montreal isn’t ignored by the provincial or federal government when it comes to the marijuana sales tax.

Last month, the federal government said a $1 tax will be imposed on all marijuana sales under $10. A 10% tax will be added to the sale of any amount of marijuana above the ten dollar mark.

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