Valérie Plante Wants To Make New Laws For Cyclists In Montreal

A move that could frustrate vehicle drivers, and favor cyclists!
Valérie Plante Wants To Make New Laws For Cyclists In Montreal

Laws for the Montreal roads could be about to change. One for motorists, and another altogether for cyclists. 

Mayor Valérie Plante and her Projét Montreal believe that changes to the traffic laws for cyclists in Montreal are important. 

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Plante's administration is promising substantial improvements to cyclists in the city, as Montreal is already listed as one of the world's top locations for people who opt for the bike over a car or public transportation. Better bike infrastructure is what they're pushing for.

“This kind of vehicle cannot be treated that same way as a car, and it’s illogical that it was,” 

“Telling cyclists that the rule says you have to do a complete stop … the message is you have to be as cautious as a car is, even though you’re a lot less dangerous.”  said Councillor Marianne Giguère, who sits on the mayor’s cabinet-like executive committee

While undergoing the revision of Montreal's highway laws, if Projét Montreal gets their way, Montreal cyclists could see three very distinct separate road laws. 

Montreal cyclists would be permitted to turn right on red lights at intersections, treat stop signs as yield signs, and would be able to follow pedestrian traffic signals. 

 This could be monumental for our cyclist culture, and following pedestrian signals would likely limit the amount of vehicle-bicycle accidents... though, it might make the rude cyclists just that much more inconsiderate to those of us who travel by foot. 

Still, it's nice to see a positive story come out surrounding Plante and her Projét Montreal administration.  

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